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Each center will have

  • One Central Server,
  • Minimum 5 No’s and up to 20 No’s workstations connected to central Server through Local Area Network,
  • UPS,
  • DG set(optional),
  • Power Distribution Network(optional),
  • Network Switch,
  • Modem,
  • Patch Cables and Jacks,
  • Peripherals,
  • License Software like OS and Office for teaching and learning purpose,
  • Internet connectivity through ISDN / Leased line / Dial-up / Cable / DSL etc.,
  • Miscellaneous Areas and Facilities.

Lecture Room

  • Ventilation with the help of fans to keep the surrounding cool,
  • Comfortable seating arrangements,
  • Writing board,
  • Air conditioning facility (optional).

Computer Laboratory  

  • Air conditioning facility (optional),
  • Suitable furniture for installing computers,
  • Ergonomically designed chairs to enable users to work comfortably.

Miscellaneous Areas and Facilities 

  • These centres may also be used for internet access and communication,
  • Staff Room,
  • Drinking Water Facility,
  • Capacity to comfortably accommodate 24 or 48 students,
  • Adequate light arrangements,
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) to all the workstations,
  • Central Server,
  • Up to 20 Client Workstations, minimum 5 No. of Client Workstation are connected to central Server through Local Area Network via a Switch/Router.