Each centre will have

One Central Server,

minimum 5 No’s and up to 20 No’s workstations connected to central Server through Local Area Network,


DG set(optional),

Power Distribution Network(optional),

Network Switch,


Patch Cables and jacks,


License Software like OS and Office for teaching and learning purpose,

Internet connectivity through ISDN / Leased line / Dial-up / Cable / DSL etc.,

Miscellaneous Areas and Facilities.

Lecture Room

Ventilation with the help of fans to keep the surrounding cool,

Comfortable seating arrangements,

Writing board,

Air conditioning facility (optional).

Computer Laboratory

Air conditioning facility (optional),

Suitable furniture for installing computers,

Ergonomically designed chairs to enable users to work comfortably.

Miscellaneous Areas and Facilities

These centres may also be used for internet access and communication,

Staff Room,

Drinking Water Facility,

Capacity to comfortably accommodate 24 or 48 students,

Adequate light arrangements,

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) to all the workstations,

Central Server,

Up to 20 Client Workstations, minimum 1 No. of Client Workstation are connected to central Server through Local Area Network via a Switch/Router. 

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