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Enabling Programs are those programs that create an enabling environment, infrastructural facilities, technological and managerial support for OKCL’s other programs to take-off and sustain. They themselves are not the direct lines of business but are the lines to enable other business programs.


  1. Corporate Management Program (CMP)
  2. Infrastructure Development Program (IDP)
  3. IT Infrastructure Development & Management Program (IT Infra-DMP)
  4. Software Development Program (SDP)
  5. Channel Networks Partner Development Program (CNPDP)

Corporate Management Program (CMP)

This is OKCL’s internal program that offers the backbone support to all the other OKCL programs. This program involves the following functions:

  1. Leadership & Entrepreneurship Development
  2. Ideation and Goal Setting, Forecasting, Strategic Planning and Organizing
  3. Budgeting and Financing, Resource Mobilization
  4. Policy Formulation, Apex Governance, Coordination and Monitoring
  5. Cultural Ethos Enrichment, Change Management
  6. Due Diligences, Statutory Compliances, Secretarial Audit, Legal Affairs, Contracts Management, Government Interface
  7. Business Analysis, Business Modeling, Business Development, Customer Relationship Management
  8. Strategic Partnerships Development and Management
  9. Brand Building, Brand Management, Brand Enhancement
  10. Corporate Communications and Media Relations, Publicity and Promotion, Event Management, Public Relations, Publications
  11. General Administration / Centre Management, Human Resources Development, Materials Management, Financial Management and Budget Control, Accounts Management, Internal Audit and Statutory Audit Support
  12. Organizational Methods, Management Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, Archival or Disposal of Records
  13. Knowledge Management


OKCL has registered office with world-class environment for hosting its programs and a team of over 40 knowledge workers located in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.


IT Infrastructure development program is a division of Odisha Knowledge Corporation Ltd. (OKCL) which offers high quality and cost effective IT Design, Deployment and Support services for various in-house and onsite projects.

IT Infrastructure Development program is aimed at providing high quality services through teamwork and dedication of multi-skilled experts. Our mission is to achieve continual growth and annual profitability by being a leading and reliable provider of IT services/consultancy to our customers and partners.

The strengths of Infrastructure Development team are:

o    Dedicated support teams for Design, Implementation of Server / Network Infrastructure
    Web Server Hosting
    Disaster Recovery
    Tailored Design and Support Plans for customers rather than a standard plan

The in-office Infrastructure includes:

    High-End Rack Server
    Tower Server
    High-Speed Internet Lease Line
    12 Seater Call Centre software
    High-Speed PRI voice line  
    Hardware/Software Firewall, Switches, Racks, PoE Access Points, Multi-Wireless Controller.


Software Development Program is OKCL’s initiative which will enhance its current working of software development methodology by adopting latest best practices in the industry and bringing in new standards. This program aims to: 1. Identify current gaps, challenges and improvement opportunities 2. Propose, plan, coordinate and execute effective implementation of the company’s process improvement 3. Contribute to communication and sharing of processes, software products / components standardization of data across the organization, finally translating into organization-wide policy 4. Mobile Application Development

Channel Networks Partner Development Program (CNPDP)


OKCL's Channel Partner Network comprises of more than 500+ Authorized Learning Centres (ALCs). These ALCs have been established by small and medium IT entrepreneurs and educational enterprises spread over all areas of the state of Odisha (Eastern India) including metropolitan, urban, semi-urban, rural, tribal and hilly regions of the state.


OKCL has a special program viz.: Network Partnerships Management Program that enables various other programs and projects. Basic purpose of Network Partnerships Management Program is to operate in coordination with various channel partners to execute various activities across Odisha.